What exactly are side bets?

There is a whole new layer of excitement for your Blackjack experience.

Side bets are a type of additional extremely rewarding bets you can place during a blackjack game. The goal is to predict which card combinations you, and sometimes the dealer, will receive. After that you will always continue your regular Blackjack game regardless of the outcome of the side bet.

Below is a list of combination descriptions and some handy examples for different types of side bets.

21+3 Side Bet Types

Suited tripsMultiplier of x100
Straight flushMultiplier of x40
Three of a kindMultiplier of x30
StraightMultiplier of x10
FlushMultiplier of x5
Suited trips
This combination consists of three cards that must be of the same value and the same suit. This combination has the most generous win multiplier of x100.

Example: 3x Kings of spades.
Suited trips
Not a suited trips
Straight flush
Straight Flush is a combination of three suited cards in a consecutive sequence. The win multiplier for this combination is x40.

Example: Ten of diamonds, Jack of diamonds, and Queen of diamonds.
Straight flush
Not a straight flush
Three of a kind
This plain and simple combination consists of three cards of the same value. If you bet on this combination and win, you will receive x30.

Example: 3x Kings
Three of a kind
Not a three of a kind
Wagering on this combination will require you to have three cards in consecutive sequence. Straight has a win multiplier of x10.

Example: Two of diamonds, Three of clubs, and Four of hearts.
Not a straight
A bet on this combination requires you to get three cards with the same suit. Winning this will get you x5 your wager.

Example: Two of clubs, Six of clubs, and Ten of clubs.
Not a flush

Perfect Pair Side Bet Types

Perfect PairMultiplier of x25
Coloured PairMultiplier of x12
Mixed PairMultiplier of x6
Perfect Pair
A wager on this type of pair requires you to have a so-called perfect pair, where you have two of the same number in the same suit. Perfect pair has the highest reward among pair side bets - x25.

Example: 2x Aces of spades.
Perfect pair
Not a perfect pair
Coloured Pair
Wagering on this outcome requires you to receive a pair of cards of the same card value, with the same color, but not the same suit. A winning Coloured pair bet will get you x12.

Example: Two of diamonds and Two of hearts
Coloured pair
Not a coloured pair
Mixed Pair
This pair consists of two cards of the same value but of two different colors, red and black. Mixed pair has a x6 win multiplier.

Example: Ten of clubs and Ten of hearts
Mixed pair
Not a mixed pair

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